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OLC Partners

Ohio Cattlemen

Ohio has 1.27 million head of cattle and calves, with a total value of $1.3 billion dollars, and produces nearly 500 million pounds of beef each year. There are 15,000 beef farms in Ohio with 292,000 cows, ranking it 16th in the number of beef operations in the nation. Estimated gross beef industry receipts exceed $400 million, and the beef cattle industry generates nearly $745 million in total production impact for the state of Ohio.

Ohio Dairy Producers

Ohio is home to 3,377 dairy farms. Our state's 276,000 cows produced 4.98 billion pounds of milk in 2007. Ohio ranks first in Swiss cheese production, fifth in number of dairy manufacturing plants and 11th in milk production. The dairy industry has an estimated $5.7 billion impact on the Ohio economy.

Ohio Poultry Producers

Ohio produces almost eight billion eggs annually and ranks second in the nation for total egg production. The poultry industry employs more than 5,000 Ohioans. Ohio ranks 11th nationally in turkey production, and the state produces almost 245 million pounds of chicken each year.

Ohio Pork Producers

Ohio has more than 4,100 hog farms in the state, ranking it third in the nation for the number of farms. The state ranks 10th in overall pork production. The pork industry provides more than 10,000 jobs in Ohio.

Ohio Sheep and Wool Producers

Sheep are raised throughout Ohio on approximately 3,300 farms. Ohio producers sell wool to domestic mills in the United States, as well as Canada and Germany. Ohio is the largest sheep-producing state east of the Mississippi River.

Ohio Corn Growers

Ohio ranks 7th in the nation for corn production. Ohio's corn crop is typically estimated to exceed $2.1 billion annually. For the most recent year, there were 3.85 million acres of corn produced by 26,000 corn growers. Average yield was estimated to be approximately 150 bushels per acre. Five ethanol plants are currently in operation in the state for a total capacity of 400 million gallons. Total value of Ohio's ethanol production exceeds $640 million. More than 700,000 metric tons of distillers grain are produced by the ethanol plants. The value of the distillers dry grains is approximately $91 million.

Ohio Soybean Producers

Ohio is the fifth largest soybean producing state in the nation with 4.13 million acres of soybeans harvested by 26,000 Buckeye state soybean farmers. Average yield per acre for soybeans in Ohio is 47 bushels. For the most recent year, more than 194 million bushels of soybeans were harvested, with an on-farm value of approximately $1.9 billion. Ohio's top five soybean producing counties include Darke, Wood, Putnam, Madison and Hancock.