January 12, 2009

OHIO LIVESTOCK COALITION TO SHARE THE STORY OF OHIO'S FARMERS Priorities of animal agriculture community featured in new campaign

COLUMBUS -- To highlight the priorities that have been integral elements of the state's livestock farming industry for decades, the Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC) recently developed a series of new advertisements to tell the story of animal agriculture to consumers across central Ohio.

OLC's multi-media program includes radio, newspaper and Web site advertisements, and a redesigned Web site, www.OhioLivestock.org. The campaign is part of an ongoing program to illustrate the contributions of Ohio's livestock industry, which provides more than $8.13 billion to the state's economy and employs more than 47,000 Ohioans, either on the farm or in related areas of processing and distribution.

"Our industry recognizes that consumers need to feel good about where their food comes from," said Sandy Kuhn, OLC executive director. "It is our hope that this new effort will build confidence about modern livestock production in Ohio, including how our farms are run in an environmentally responsible way, how our animals are cared for and how we are committed to providing a high-quality, low-cost supply of nutritious food for consumers."

The campaign highlights three key industry priorities:

  • 1. Affordable and safe food. Ohio livestock farmers provide safe and affordable food here at home and around the world including high quality eggs, wholesome dairy foods and fresh meat and poultry.

  • 2. Environmental responsibility. From land and soil management to protecting rivers, streams and the air we breathe, environmental responsibility is something Ohio livestock farmers practice every day. In that sense, farmers have always been "green" and protecting the environment is critical for sustainable livestock farming.

  • 3. Animal care. Healthy, well-cared for flocks and herds are essential to livestock farming. From timely vaccinations and comfortable living conditions to plenty of fresh food and water, Ohio livestock farmers take animal care seriously.

  • "For Ohio livestock farmers, these priorities are not just part of the job -- it's the farmers' way of life," said Kuhn. "The goal of the campaign is to share our story about the positive contributions livestock producers make to our state and to assure Ohio consumers that we are doing the right thing each and every day."

    The OLC, formed in 1997, is a statewide trade organization consisting of diverse agriculture industries and individual producers committed to advancing environmentally friendly, socially responsible and economically viable livestock farming practices.