Ohio Livestock Coalition holds successful Ag Power Briefing

COLUMBUS, OH -- Over 80 current legislators, aides and caucus leaders left the Ohio Livestock Coalition's (OLC) reception on March 31 better suited to address their constituents' agricultural and livestock concerns.

The briefing connected the politicians with experts on food and fuel, animal care, environmental issues and the economic impact of agriculture to the state The goal of the evening was to help the attendees better address their constituents' questions as they relate to livestock production.

"I've been to enough public meetings that I know questions are out there," said OLC Executive Director Sandy Kuhn. "You need to have some answers for your constituents," she told those in attendance.

Each individual attending received an Ohio agricultural importance commodity card to take with them containing contact information for OLC members, OLC's 2008 highlights piece and a stress animal with agricultural facts on them.

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