Pictured from left to right:
Ohio Department of Agriculture Director Robert Boggs, Ohio Dairy Producers Association Chair Thomas Fleming, Itske Miedema, Andy Miedema, and Ohio Dairy Producers Association CEO Scott Higgins.

COLUMBUS -- Miedema Dairy, of Circleville, recently received the 2010 Ohio Dairy Producers Association's Environmental Stewardship Award at the Ohio Livestock Coalition's (OLC) 13th Annual Meeting. The annual award recognizes the many accomplishments made by family farmers to protect Ohio's land, air and water quality and conserve the state's natural resources.

"Miedema Dairy has raised dairy cattle since 2002 and has consistently demonstrated that their commitment to quality extends not only to the animals they raise, but also to the environmental practices they implement daily on the farm," said David White, OLC executive director. "The farm is an exemplary representation of the goals that the Coalition has for all livestock farmers."

Miedema Dairy is a family farm that raises 1,000 head of dairy cattle each year and produces 64,000 pounds of milk daily. The farm has a Permit to Install and a Permit to Operate through the Ohio Department of Agriculture. The permits require that the farm has plans for manure management, insect and rodent control, mortality management and emergency response. Additionally, Miedema Dairy has taken many other proactive measures to protect the environment. The farm has recently purchased a new boiler that is more energy efficient and is cutting down on gas emissions by installing a cover on the manure storage lagoon.