November 13, 2008

OLC responds to Dispatch editorial regarding FDA's plan to open office in China

Letters to the Editor
The Columbus Dispatch

To the editor:
The Dispatch editorial on Nov. 10 detailing the FDA's plans to open an office in China to help ensure the safety of the food supply made some important points. What is equally important is the fact that U.S. food safety standards are the highest in the world, due in large part to the hard work and commitment of America's farmers.

Farmers in Ohio and across the country produce the safest, most affordable food that can be found anywhere in the world -- and they export an abundance of food to other countries. Numerous safeguards are in place to ensure the safety of U.S. food products, including strict guidelines for biosecurity on farms, disease prevention and eradication, and pesticide and drug use regulations, along with comprehensive standards for food processing and retailing that ensure the food we produce is safe for human consumption.

Today's modern agriculture may look different from previous generations of farming. It is bigger, often specialized and provides product diversity to meet a broad range of consumer choices. But it's also highly regulated, which Americans can embrace knowing their food is safe. As we consider where we focus our resources and buying habits, it is clear that U.S. food production has earned our confidence.

Sandy Kuhn
Executive Director Ohio Livestock Coalition