On eve of national film release, Ohio livestock farmers encourage viewing of “real” farmer movies

Hollywood and documentary filmmakers alike have taken a keen interest in farming in recent years.  Now, a new film, "At Any Price", starring actor Dennis Quaid, tells the fictional story of a farm family and the relationship between a father and son and is being released today to theaters nationwide. As the U.S. entertainment industry focuses on farming, the Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC) wants Ohioans to focus on the distinction between fiction and fact. 

"Our members appreciate exceptional acting and screenplay development as much as anyone else," said David White, OLC executive director. "That being said, it is essential to not mistake these scripted, big-budget, Hollywood productions for what occurs every day on a farm."

Consumers today are generations removed from the farm life and have reasonable questions about food, farming and agriculture. Ohio farmers recognize it is more important than ever to be transparent in sharing information about farm practices, animal care and farmers' commitment to responsible farming.

OLC is encouraging Ohioans who want a true-to-life perspective on Ohio's farming community to visit several online locations where they can watch videos of real Ohio farmers sharing day-to-day activities on their farm. Ohio's farmers through videos talk about important issues like farm animal well-being and environmental responsibility, share stories of their families and generational traditions, and provide video tours for an up-close look at modern farms.

"Ohio is full of hard-working farm families who are dedicated to producing safe, wholesome foods for their neighbors, their country and the world," said White. "In an effort to share their extraordinary stories with consumers, many have participated in the production of videos that give an inside view of modern food production, without all the bells and whistles of Hollywood." 

The below links will take viewers to a number of sites where videos of Ohio's farm families, their farms and their animals can be viewed. The stories include perspectives from farmers, veterinarians, academic experts and regulatory officials – each providing their own viewpoint on farming today.

Meet Ohio dairy farmers: http://www.ohiodairyfarmers.com/
Meet Ohio hog farmers: http://www.ohiopork.org/ShowVideo.aspx?channel=1&videoid=98
Meet Ohio egg farmers: http://www.ohiopoultry.org/
Meet Ohio cattle farmers: http://www.ohiobeef.org/
Meet Ohio sheep farmers: http://vimeo.com/14961955
Meet Ohio livestock farmers: http://www.ohiolivestock.org/
Meet Ohio soybean farmers: http://ohiosoybeanfarmers.org/meet-oh-agriculture/
Meet Ohio farmers: http://www.youtube.com/user/OhioFarmBureau  and