Water quality and nutrient management are critical issues in the Buckeye state, and understanding their impact on the state’s waterways has never been more important. That’s why more than 1,600 Ohio farmers across the state have already participated in educational meetings to learn more about what these issues mean for them and their farms.

The Ohio Livestock Coalition (OLC) wants to help educate more farmers on water quality and nutrient management issues and recently announced that additional funding is available for Ohio organizations interested in hosting meetings on these topics.

“Water quality and nutrient management are issues that affect all farmers across the state,” said David White, OLC executive director.  “That’s why OLC created a funding mechanism to provide assistance to organizations seeking to educate farmers on these topics.”

To date, more than 25 nutrient management/water quality educational trainings have been conducted in all regions of the state by farm organizations, local Soil and Water Conservation Districts, county Farm Bureaus, and local OSU Extension offices. Funding is provided by the OLC as well as grants awarded to it by the Ohio Soybean Council and Ohio Small Grain Marketing Program. In addition, template presentations are available upon request.

To apply for funding, an intent form must be submitted to OLC at least 30 days prior to the scheduled meeting date. Applicants’ intent forms must demonstrate how the meeting will educate attendees on water quality and nutrient management issues, including:

OLC will reimburse up to $10/person attending, with a maximum total reimbursement of $500 for hosting an educational and informative water quality and nutrient management meeting. Following the meeting, funding recipients must submit a report form, provided by OLC, within 30 days to report the results of the event and how the funding was used.