Family Farm Support Fund

The intent of the fund is to help support and protect family livestock and poultry farmers who are embroiled in legal action precedents that threaten the livestock nd poultry industry as a whole in Ohio. The OLC will consider requests for assistance that meet any one or more of the following criteria.

  • Permitting and zoning issues if precedent setting.

  • Cases that involve the interpretation of certain laws, rules, regulations, guidelines and /or policy affecting the livestock and poultry industry such as environmental or right-to-farm issues.

  • Nuisance cases if precedent setting.

  • The OLC will not fund cases involving the following:

  • Issues specific to one entity or will only benefit one entity, not the livestock and poultry industry as a whole.

  • Individual legal costs for producers prosecuted for willful acts.

  • Legal expenses when OLC has not received notice of the case prior to disposition.

  • Requests for funding from non-livestock and non-poultry farmers.

  • Upon receiving a request for consideration, the Coalition may:

  • Explore and encourage options that may prevent the situation/issue from escalating into a civil/legal action.

  • Initially agree to support any potential legal action, and make a decision as to what level of support and further action the organization wishes tot take at a later date.

  • Recommend funding.

  • Determine that a friend of the court brief be written by the OLC on behalf of the party or parties involved in the legal action. Under this option, the OLC would file an amicus brief in support of ht livestock and poultry farmer involved.

  • Consult with local counsel. In many circumstances, the most effective assistance the can be provided will be consultation between the OLC, counsel of OLC's board member organizations, and local counsel.

  • Deny funding, action and/or any involvement.